About the Measure

About the Plan

Measure B1 was first approved by Alameda County voters in 1986 and provides funds for critically needed transportation projects in Alameda County to reduce traffic congestion and improve public transportation.

These projects include

  • road maintenance and safety projects
  • earthquake safety retrofits for overpasses, bridges and elevated freeways
  • improvements to BART and AC Transit
  • insures that transit fares are kept affordable for seniors, disabled and

Alameda County residents need reliable and efficient transportation options for a better quality of life, stronger economy, and cleaner environment. The continuation and extension of this measure will allow critical transportation projects to move ahead uninterrupted.

Passage of Measure B1 will also help Alameda County qualify for state and federal matching transportation grants. Every penny raised by Measure B1 stays in Alameda County to improve transportation systems. It will support our local economy by creating thousands of much-needed local jobs.

A public oversight committee will ensure all funding is spent according to the plan. Measure B1 is a secure, local, and reliable source of funds for critical transportation projects in our community. No money can be taken away by the state or used for other purposes.

Every city in Alameda County has voted in support of this plan.

Please join us in voting YES on Measure B1 and continue critical transportation funding for Alameda County.

The Details

The expenditure plan will generate $7.7 billion in the first 30 years, helping to move people more effectively and connect Alameda County with the Bay Area. The funding will be broken down as follows. Click on each item to download the detailed funding plan provided in the TEP.

Download the Entire Transportation Expenditure Plan or Read the General Fact Sheet

Public Transit

  • Bus Efficiency and Priority
  • BART Modernization and Expansion
  • Regional Rail Enhancements and High Speed Rail Connections
  • Mass Transit: Operations, Access to Schools, Maintenance, and Safety Programs
  • Specialized Transit for Seniors and Persons with Disabilities

Local Streets and Roads

  • Local Streets and Roads
  • Major Commute Corridors
  • Local Bridge Seismic Safety
  • Freight Corridors

Highway Efficiency

  • Highway Efficiency and Gap Closure Projects
  • Freight and Economic Development Program

Bicycle and Pedestrian Infrastructure

Sustainable Land Use and Transportation Linkages

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A Map of the Plan


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What's at stake

What's at Stake

Alameda County vitally needs Measure B1 to keep moving. Without B1’s secure and local transportation funding, everyone—from the daily commuter, to our kid’s school bus, to our favorite local business—slows down.

Because state and federal funding have been unreliable over the past years, Alameda County has seen unprecedented service cuts in our buses and trains and severe underinvestment in our roads, highways and pedestrian paths.  

That means we’re spending more time stuck in traffic or waiting for a bus and less time being productive at work or at home with our kids.

Measure B1 also keeps fares low for those who depend on our public transportation most. Without B1, seniors, youth and people with disabilities will continue to see the price of their tickets rise while their services are cut.

This November 6th, vote Yes on B1 and fight:

  • Traffic congestion
  • Potholes
  • Crumbling highways
  • Overcrowded buses
  • Poor air quality

Be where you need to go, quickly—and with significant investment in earthquake, highway, bicycle and pedestrian safety, get where you need to go safely, too. Vote yes this November 6th to continue Measure B1 and keep Alameda County moving.


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By renewing our local sales tax and approving a new plan, we can put Alameda County on the path to better mobility, a healthier environment, and much needed job creation.

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